Gluten Free – Is It Just About Jumping On The Bandwagon?

Posted Apr 11, 2013

I’ve been looking forward to writing you today about this topic.  Not only because I personally went through a long journey to discover I was sensitive to gluten, but because it’s amazing how many times clients, friends, and people I meet have lately been asking me about it.  They all want to know if the gluten-free movement is really just a fad or if there is really something to it.  Have you also been wondering about this, or how you could find out whether the gluten-free diet was for you?   I’m here to tell you today that the...

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How Letting Your Voice Shine Improves Your Health

Posted Mar 29, 2013

With spring beginning to peek it’s sunny skies you might be feeling the energy inside you starting to stir. Memories of patio meals, sunny walks and summer relaxation might be rising up from the cave of winter and getting you excited about possibilities. Finally! Spring is the perfect time for change, new beginnings and self expression. This is why I’m so excited to introduce you this week to my good friend Ruth, the founder of Total Singer She is a talented musician, singer-songwriter, vocal coach and one straight up...

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Seasonal Allergies: The Best Thing You Can Do NOW to Decrease Them

Posted Feb 28, 2013

If you love the spring, but dread your seasonal allergies I completely understand.  With congestion, a runny nose, and the side effects of allergy medications it’s easy to feel a little tentative going into this exciting season.  Although it might still feel like we’re in the chill of winter some days, believe it or not right now is the PERFECT time to take action to relieve seasonal allergies.     What Are Allergies & Why Do We Have Them Seasonal allergies are also known as hay fever.  The most common springtime allergens...

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Heavy or Painful Periods? Here Are 4 Alternatives To The Pill

Posted Feb 7, 2013

Yes, there IS another way!  Many of my clients were put on the birth control pill as a teenager because they had heavy or painful periods.  Was this the case for you?  It’s an amazingly common solution to the issue and at the time often does the trick.  The unfortunate part is that when you go off the pill, all the awful menstrual problems from those teenage years, like acne, irregular cycles, cramps and heavy periods can sometimes come right back.   It’s true, if the cause of the heavy periods was never addressed, there is a good...

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The Flu: 5 Tricks to Spare You From Getting It

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Does holding the pole on the subway seem like a bit more of a liability these days?  Have you been washing your hands every chance you can get?  Or, have you found yourself avoiding colleagues or friends because you heard them complaining about feeling sick?  With all the media buzz on the flu being an especially strong strain this year, it’s hard not to feel a little uneasy. The good news is the flu, like any other bug, does not randomly choose you and there is a lot you can do to make yourself less inviting as a host.  Your body’s...

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“Dirty Dozen” – The 12 Best Foods to Buy Organic

Posted Jan 4, 2013

I hope you are had a great time over the holidays and that you took some time for a little (or a lot of!) self-care.  I was in Toronto before heading up to Collingwood, Canada to visit with my family for the holidays.  I grew up skiing in Collingwood during winters and I always love reconnecting with the outdoors there.   Plus there is something special about coming in from being active outside in the cold to a fire and a glass of red wine…This week I want to start the year off with something that is simple and will make a huge...

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Food-Hormone Connection: Part V Winter Eating Tips for Your Thyroid

Posted Dec 13, 2012

Have you also been doing double takes all week at how dark it is in the afternoons?   It is definitely December!  Although you may be busy holiday shopping or bouncing between seasonal events, if you’re feeling a little slower than usual or wanting more downtime it’s completely natural for this time of year.   A lot of animals are hibernating and most trees are in a quiet time after letting their leaves go.  All-round it’s a time for slowing down.  This saves energy and over the next few months gets us ready to burst out feeling...

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Food Hormone Connection – Part IV How to Replenish Your (Often Deficient) Progesterone

Posted Nov 21, 2012

As you gear up for the feast and holiday tomorrow, I wanted to share an experience from a very special trip I was on this Fall.  I came back from my honeymoon in Italy in early November and although I had heard about how good the food was, I hadn’t expected to dive right into the world of sustainable agriculture.  One of my favorite experiences was staying at an old farmhouse in Tuscany on 71 acres of land where the owners grew and cooked almost ALL of their own food.  Wow.  They cultivated wine, olive oil, and nearly all of the...

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The Food-Hormone Connection – Part III Estrogen

Posted Nov 9, 2012

With this week’s snow I am sending wishes for warmth and shelter to any of you in the NY and NJ area still affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I also hope each of you and your families were safe through the storm and are recovering well.This week’s newsletter is an exciting continuation of the Food-Hormone connection series.  After covering how to balance your insulin (a blood sugar hormone) and cortisol (a stress hormone) with your diet, it’s time to get into the sex hormones.     Your three major sex hormones are estrogen,...

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Reducing Stress Levels With Food? Here’s How You Can Do It

Posted Sep 22, 2012

It’s fall!  At every change of the season I have a few days where I feel a little sad that one is ending, but as soon as the next one starts I’m reminded of all the good things that come with it.  Fall is cozy.  It’s a time for warm drinks, soups, cleanses as well as an incredible window for change.  As the leaves fall off the trees, so too can old habits fall away from your life as you settle into yourself during the quieter months.  I’m continuing with the food-hormone connection in this newsletter, moving on...

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