Feeling Tired? Surprising Causes You CAN Do Something About

Posted Aug 20, 2015

We still have a few golden weeks left of the summer months.  Ok, the weather here in London hasn’t exactly been golden recently… but I think this time of the year is special no matter what’s happening with the weather.  It’s usually a change from your normal routine, and a time when you may even sneak in a restful holiday.   I came back recently from a two week holiday with my family at a cottage on a remote island in northern Ontario, Canada.  I was almost completely unplugged there and could literally feel my nervous system...

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5 Essential Lab Tests to Discuss With Your Doctor

Posted Jul 16, 2015

Although we’re in the heat of summer and the good times, you might have an appointment with your doctor coming up and I want to help you take advantage of it as much as possible.   Lab testing is a really powerful tool for gaining insight into your body and how it’s doing overall.  They’re also crucial for catching health issues early on.      In general, if your lab tests are outside the optimal range (which is different than the “normal range”), you’ll want to address this imbalance.     This is VERY...

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Sugar – Finding Balance in this Love-Hate Relationship – Part 2

Posted Jun 18, 2015

This week I’m talking again about our sugar.   It’s a big important topic when it comes to living a long healthy life and reducing your chances of diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.   But even more importantly, I’m talking about it because of how sugar can make you feel everyday.  It ruins your mood, steals your energy, takes your hormones for a ride, and can even leave you feeling guilty or shameful.   In my last newsletter I shared with you that sugar cravings aren’t happening just...

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Sugar: Finding Balance in this Love – Hate Relationship – Part I

Posted Jun 18, 2015

Sugar…it can be such a complicated relationship.  It’s so good and oh, is it ever so hard to say no to.   If you’re struggling with cravings, feel hopelessly in love with it at times, or even feel shameful or guilty about your relationship with it you’ll be glad to know that it’s NOT just a willpower issue.   There are MANY physiological reasons why it’s so hard to strike a balance with sugar.   Sugar is such a big topic and today we’ll begin by covering some of the most important...

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Not Feeling Great but Aren’t Sure Why? Here’s How to Find Out

Posted May 25, 2015

If you feel like there’s something going on with your body even though you’ve been given a clean bill of health from your doctor, you’re not alone.   When I was in my teens, I bounced around from doctor to doctor with exhaustion but my lab tests always came back normal and I was told I was healthy.   But I sure didn’t feel super healthy then…in fact, I felt pretty terrible but in a way I couldn’t exactly put my finger on.  I knew there was more to what I was feeling, and I hear about similar experiences from my...

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Painful Periods: How To Heal Them & Say Goodbye To Painkillers

Posted Apr 16, 2015

With the sun beginning to warm things up these days we’re almost at that time of year where you want to be outside ALL the time!   But if you have painful periods they can really get in the way of celebrating the sunny season.   You might find yourself not feeling “up” to things because your lower abdomen, back or legs are in pain during that time of the month. You may even miss a day of work or doing things you love to on the weekend because you’re curled up in bed with cramps. This can ruin a good summer for anyone.   If this...

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Food & Fertility: a Helpful Guide

Posted Apr 2, 2015

With bright green buds showing up on all the grey trees I’ve been thinking a lot about birth lately.   As much as I love my cozy winters, there’s something comforting about a fresh start and a friendly reminder that new possibilities are just around the corner.   If you’re on the journey to starting a family, or growing yours and it hasn’t happened as fast as you were hoping, you may also be open to new possibilities this spring.   If so you’ll definitely want to read on.   When you’re trying to conceive, the world of...

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Time For Self-Care & How To Make It: A Story

Posted Mar 19, 2015

The season is changing which means it’s a great time to change things up in your life in a really good way.  Spring and summer energy is light and fun and to take full advantage of it you need to feel GREAT!     Today I’d like to share a recent story from my own healing journey.  My hope is that you have a good read and that you’re inspired to make more time for yourself this spring because you have tools to make it happen easily.   When you don’t have time put aside for you to reach your goals, it can feel like...

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Allergy Season: What You Can Do Now For An Easy One

Posted Mar 5, 2015

Spring is almost here!  For many of you who are enduring a long chilly winter this may be hard to believe, but I’ve seen evidence!   Here in London gardens typically stay green because it’s so mild.  That is, unless you gave birth to twins and didn’t water it for an entire year…   I can see my garden through the window from my kitchen sink and for the past couple of months I’ve felt a little twinge of guilt every time I look out to my lifeless little garden surrounded by all my neighbors’ lush-looking greenery.   I decided...

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Hormonal Issue: How To Know If You Have One

Posted Jan 15, 2015

I hope you had a relaxing and wonderful holiday and started this New Year off gently – with yourself AND your goals.  It’s easy to get caught up in expectations, but stick with your gut on what you think is going to work for you.  Taking things one step at a time (along with having support at your side) usually creates the long term results you’re looking for.   I was back in Canada for two weeks in December visiting my in-laws on Vancouver Island and friends in Whistler.  We soaked up two weeks of laughing and relaxing with...

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