To Eat Soy or Not to Eat Soy: 5 Tips to Cut Through the Confusion

Posted Dec 16, 2016

One of the most common questions I get from friends, family and clients is about soy.  Are you also wondering if soy is a “bad” food, or if you should eat it?    If so this article is perfect for you!  We’ll dive into this hot topic and I’ll help you discover how to eat soy wisely.   First off, I’d like to invite you to take soy out of the category of “bad” food.  I personally don’t like judging food and putting them into “good” and “bad” boxes because I think it creates conflict with such an...

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Our Tango with Toxins: How to Instantly Detoxify Your Home

Posted Oct 16, 2016

This series is all about helping you clear out toxins that mess with your hormones so that you can feel better, think clearer and dive fully into what really matters to you.   If too many toxins accumulate in your body you can feel tired, and have skin problems, a hard time losing weight and memory issues.  Chemicals can also directly impact your body’s delicate hormonal balance.   Today we’re talking about your home.   Your house is your home.  Your body is your home.   They’re totally connected.   Taking simple steps to reduce...

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Our Tango with Toxins: how to avoid chemicals that mess with your hormones

Posted Sep 16, 2016

I’m so glad to be reconnecting with you again. As it turns out, life found a way to teach me a big lesson, as it always does (doesn’t it?). Recently I needed to learn to commit even more deeply to self-care and balance so that I can continue to serve from an authentic place. I’m so happy to be back in touch – I have much to share with you this year.   Today’s newsletter is really personal. And exciting.   I recently turned 40 (yes!) and this turn of the decade actually struck a much deeper cord with me...

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5 reasons why being healthy is NOT about being perfect (my personal take on it!)

Posted Apr 7, 2016

Does the idea of being perfect bring up an auto-feeling of failure or make you feel stressed?  It does for me.   When people find out I’m a naturopathic physician they’ll usually either ask if I’m a vegetarian or vegan, or laugh about how much I’m probably judging what they’re eating.   Most people assume I live a squeaky clean lifestyle because I’m a naturopathic physician.  Well, I don’t.   Sure, I’ve been through times when committing 100% was really important to my healing process – like when I was on a...

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Did You Know Your Gut is a Garden? 3 Essential Tips for Cultivating a Healthy One.

Posted Mar 3, 2016

Yes, your gut, or more specifically your intestines, is a garden!  Instead of vegetables though, you have a healthy crop of bacteria and other microorganisms growing there.     It’s called your gut flora.    If having billions of microorganisms living in your gut sounds strange, I completely understand.  The truth is is they’re your friends, and you really need them.     In fact, the critters living in your digestive tract are an exploding area of buzz and excitement in medicine right now.   We’re...

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How To Boost Digestive Enzymes & Absorb Your Food Better

Posted Jan 28, 2016

I hope 2016 has started off incredibly for you.  Today we’re moving onto the next foundation to healthy digestion.   So far I covered why digestion is the hub to your health, and the essential role stomach acid plays in absorbing iron, mineral and protein.  You can find these blogs here and here.   Digestive enzymes are the key step for absorbing your meal as it makes it’s way down through your digestive system.  They’re also super important for your hormonal health, mental wellbeing, AND longevity.   If you...

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Stomach Acid: Do You Really Have Too Much?

Posted Dec 3, 2015

In my last newsletter I shared how important your digestion is to your overall health, and helped you uncover whether or not you have issues in this department.   Today, I’m sharing one of the key foundations for your digestion to work properly: stomach acid.   Stomach acid isn’t your enemy 🙂   With acid-blocking medication ranked as the 3rd most commonly prescribed medication in the US, you’d think the Western culture had a major problem with too much stomach acid.   Unfortunately, many people put on these...

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Digestion: Why it’s the HUB of your health (& tummy quiz!)

Posted Nov 27, 2015

If you asked me to pick one system in your body that influences your overall  health more than any other, the answer would be easy.   It’s your digestive system!   If you have any digestive issues, it’s essential for you to address them asap.   Aren’t sure if you have digestive issues? Check out the TUMMY QUIZ below! Your digestive system is literally the hub of your body’s health.    Over half of your nervous and immune systems live in your gut.  Yes, that’s for real.  Your digestion also helps you absorb all...

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Restore Your Energy: the stress connection & how to nourish your adrenals

Posted Oct 1, 2015

We’re officially into the fall season.  It finally set in for me here in London when my twins Ben and Elise spent an entire walk home amazed by leaves on the ground.  They were too little last fall to remember them and suddenly there was a bunch of these beautiful multi-colored (and crunchy!) things all over the sidewalk to explore.  Yes, summer is over…but now we’re headed into the cozy time of the year – another really special time.   We’re now in part 3 of my ENERGY series, and this new season is actually THE perfect time...

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Restoring Your Energy – The Thyroid Connection

Posted Sep 10, 2015

In my last newsletter I promised to give you tools to address the top underlying causes of fatigue I revealed.  If you missed that newsletter, you can find it right here.   Each one is so ridiculously common that it’s well worth getting to know them.   Energy is something I’ve been obsessed with for a long time.  The overwhelming exhaustion I experienced in my late teens is what originally kicked off my healing journey. These days, as a working mum of twin toddlers I’m always trying to find ways to help me survive and...

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